Rinne & Peterson Staff
We are the oldest structural engineering firm in Santa Clara County. One reason for our 50-plus years of success? We employ some of the industry's most knowledgeable and qualified professionals.

Clients can count on our staff to be current as to the most recent technical developments. Project experience, seminars and our network of extensive engineering resources provide our staff with the latest regulations, standards and product information. Our engineers also have a comprehensive knowledge of industry codes, ordinances and guidelines.

Accessibility for our Clients
Accessibility is a critical dimension of client service. Our principals, associates and project managers make it a priority to maintain timely communication with the client, project team and contractor.

Responsive to our Clients
We offer a knowledgeable and responsive staff, who can anticipate a client's needs and are well prepared to offer quick turnaround for time-critical projects. Our goal is to have the company culture and commitment to deal rapidly with challenges as they arise, giving the client a clear expectation of what will happen and when.


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Patrick H. Chow, S.E.
President & Principal

James R. Lentfer, S.E.
Principal & CFO

Donald E. Peterson, S.E.
Principal & President Emeritus