• Performance-Based Design

  • Channing House - Base Isolation

    Dynamic behavior induced by earthquake

    * Structural and Seismic Engineering
    * New Building Design
    * Rehabilitation Design
    * Base Isolation of Structures and Equipment
    * Seismic Evaluations and Retrofit
    * Design Additions, Renovations and Remodels
    * Structural Peer Reviews, Plan Checking, Feasibility Studies and Reports
    * Equipment Anchorage and Seismic Bracing
    * Post-Earthquake Inspections, Assessments and Safety Training

    Quality Control
    Project work is continually evaluated by senior engineers for accuracy and consistency throughout the design phase, so that design solutions meet the owners' expectations and are in line with the project goals.

    Value and Cost Effectiveness
    Rinne & Peterson strongly believes in listening to and understanding the client's objectives. We then innovate solutions and create documentation for a final product that is cost effective and meets the client's needs, thereby adding value to the finished product.

    We often provide several alternative solutions for a project. Those solutions are then evaluated for costs and benefits, including constructability, and compared to the specific project's goals. The selected solution is then developed into construction documentation while maintaining safety and adherence to engineering codes and standards. This same philosophy and level of involvement is carried into the construction administration phase to ensure a successful completion of the project.

    Designing for Earthquakes
    The art and science of earthquake-resistant design is a continually evolving process that requires a combination of experience, scientific research and a practical knowledge of construction.

    Base Isolation: Channing House Case Study
    A base isolation system will isolate the structure from the ground, thereby preventing most of the horizontal movements from being transmitted to the building during a seismic event. This effectively increases protection to the building, its contents, and most importantly the occupants. Under many circumstances, base isolation is an effective way of reducing the impact of earthquakes on existing structures where the lateral-load-resisting-system capacity of the structure is well below the current code's seismic demands.

    Performance-Based Design
    RPSE is experienced in establishing design performance standards and providing design verification and review. RPSE also provides responsive solutions for challenging projects that require specific performance goals and damage control. top

    Case studies utilizing performance-based seismic design methodology:

  • New Applied Materials Tech Center in Sunnyvale, California

  • New Applied Materials Office Building in Tainan, Taiwan

  • Various Applied Materials seismic retrofit projects in California

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  • "We greatly appreciate the value of your structural advice which was incorporated into the design and building of our new permanent exhibit, Water Ways." -- TOM LINDSAY, CHILDREN'S DISCOVERY MUSEUM OF SAN JOSE

    "...very grateful for your high level of professionalism, practical wisdom, creativity in solving problems, and desire to help preserve the beauty of our church structure...." -- STEVE DRASKOVITCH, FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST, SCIENTIST